Dang girl, you look good!

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

I heard something terrible at the gym on Sunday. 

Two girls walked passed me, both no more than 14 years old when I heard one ask the other why she was wearing a sweatshirt. The girl in the sweatshirt replied, “Oh my God I need to lose weight!“ These girls were significantly taller than my 5’2” self and by no stretch of the imagination did either need to lose weight. 

Of course, as a mom, I immediately thought of my own kids, especially my girls. I know I’m definitely guilty of saying things in front of them that would make them think I did not love and appreciate my own body. I know I need to change that! It would break my heart to hear my own daughter talk like that. So, I hope you’re with me and I hope we go forward speaking positively about ourselves and our own unique bodies and when you check yourself out in the mirror you should be saying, DANG Girl! You look good... cause you do!

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