The early bird can have the worm!

Sleeeeeep! That magical thing we know exists but really don’t know anyone that gets it! In my quest to just live healthier I’ve been trying to be kind to my body and let it rest when it needs rest. That’s actually a really easy concept but still so hard to do! On days I’m not teaching multiple classes I try to sleep in and let my body recover. I noticed the better sleep I get the better I feel throughout the day. Go figure 🙄 I read up on sleep and was shocked to learn how one night of crappy sleep can effect your whole body... including your brain! One bad night of sleep can cause forgetfulness, irritability, difficultly concentrating and anxiety not to mention your body actually can’t determine the feeling of hunger and so you feel hungry even though you might not be! Whaaaaaaaat!? Our bodies are crazy and I’m learning just how important it is to rest when our bodies tell us we need it. So, instead of forcing myself to be an early bird I’m going to start taking a clue from my body and letting someone else get the gross worm instead!

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