Why I’m drinking a sh$t ton of water.

At some point in life, chances are pretty good that you’ve read a list of reasons why drinking enough water is super important. I’ve read these lists a million times and still wonder, “WHY IS DRINKING WATER SO HARD!?” Now, I’m not a doctor and have no medical background but I can tell some pretty amazing things happen when I’m consistently drinking the amount of water my body needs (don’t worry I made a LIST below). So if nothing else, take this as a reminder to go fill your cup and chug some good ‘ol H2O. 

1) More energy means I don’t need a nap everyday. 

2) Don’t feel like I need Botox (As much) cause my skin looks amazing. 

3) I feel more focused and productive. Imagine that! 

4) Less headaches!! (even when my pony tail is too tight 😜) 

There’s obviously a TON of other amazing things that water does for your body when you’re drinking the right amount so let’s do this together! It’s a no-brainer! 

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